Whether you’re acquiring, selling, disposing of, or restructuring a business, we can help identify the tax risks so you can make the right decision.

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Understanding your tax consequences alongside your wider commercial objectives and risk profile, can help with your decision-making process. And identifying tax risks can give you additional opportunities as well as valuable dealing insights. Why not ask us to show you how?

These transactions can be vital to your business growth and future progress, especially when business competition is stronger than ever. Your business needs to be tax efficient.

Our Deal Advisory Tax team can offer:

✓  Direct advice on transaction structure
  Tax risk assessments
✓  Advice for holding companies and other new corporate structures

✓  Advice on tax-efficient deal finance
✓  Advice on tax-efficient return of funds to investors after a disposal
✓  Advice on post-acquisition structuring

Thinking of buying?

Our service includes investigating the commercial, financial, and tax risks of any business you’re looking to acquire. We’ll also explore the possible tax implications of any acquisitions, build a tax model of the new business and review what tax warranties and indemnities are in place. And once we’ve done all these, we can identify where any operational and financial improvements can be made and support your ongoing tax affairs.

… or selling

One of the most important aspects of selling your business is how you’ll do it and what it might mean from a tax perspective. We can help you understand your exit strategy from the business, and how the sale might

impact you as a shareholder. Other ways we can support you is valuing your business – including ways you could increase the value – and using our experience to offer you insight into what buyers are looking for.

Of course, you’ll also need someone to check the paperwork before you sell too. We can do this for you and make sure all your legal documents, tax warranties, and indemnities are in order.

… and restructuring?

Just like acquiring and selling, restructuring your business comes with tax implications. And you need to understand how they could affect you. Any new tax structure will need to be officially cleared with HMRC, so we’ll deal with them and draft the tax clearances needed for you to get it approved. And once that’s done, we’ll be on hand to put the new structure in place and help with everything tax related you might need.

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