Business Tax

Are you sure you aren’t paying more tax than you need to? Experience tells us that many business owners pay more than they should.
Whether you’re a family-run business, a multinational company (MNC), in a partnership or you’re a sole trader, we understand that paying the right tax on your hard-earned profit is one of the most important aspects of running your business.
In addition to traditional accountancy services, we offer specialist tax advice and tax planning, to help you navigate the tax world with confidence. From incorporating a business, partnerships tax, dividends and VAT, our team is on hand. We’ll help you with reporting, paying your tax liabilities and dealing with HMRC enquiries – all this to minimise your tax burden and maximise

Private Client Tax

Tax may well be your biggest expense over the course of your lifetime, yet often, you’ll find that you’re just too busy at the helm of your business to make sure you’re not paying more than your dues in tax.
You need straightforward, sound tax advice.
That’s where we come in, to keep you compliant and help you and your family plan for your financial future, in areas including:

Tax Investigation

HMRC can enquire into the tax affairs of any individual or business at random. Whether your affairs are up to date or not, the enquiry process can seem daunting. It’s best to face an investigation head-on and take specialist tax investigation advice without delay.
Ask targeted questions and as a taxpayer, it’s likely that you’re not aware of either your rights or obligations in relation to HMRC enquiries.
From routine enquiries to complex and time-sensitive COP 9 investigation, we deal with many individuals and companies experiencing tax investigations. These range from income tax, corporate tax, VAT, through to PAYE investigations.
Our team will provide you with specialist advice to ensure that HMRC is exercising its powers correctly. We’ll help you respond accurately and appropriately to requests for information and documentation to resolve matters as efficiently as possible including:

Preparing and presenting information in correct formats.
Communicating with HMRC.
Attending meetings with HMRC on your behalf.
Negotiating settlements, interest and penalties.
Maximising payment terms on behalf of our clients.

Property Tax

From buy-to-let landlords to large property groups, our property tax specialists will guide you through your property ventures.
We keep ahead of constantly changing property tax regulations and advise property investors and developers on the best commercial structure for your circumstances.

Tax Compliance

When you’re managing your business day-to-day, we understand that tax management and compliance may not seem like your top priority. That’s until it’s time to get your HMRC tax return submitted.
Our dedicated taxes management team makes tax compliance straightforward and stress free. We’ll help you to make the most of your tax allowances and minimize the risk of penalties for non-compliance.
What’s more, when things do gone wrong, we’ll help to take the heat out of enquiries from HMRC, manage disclosures of income or gains not previously declared.
We can assist with all aspects of UK tax compliance for residents and non-residents alike

Deal Advisory Tax

At Black Swan, we know that there are opportunities as well as risks with every transaction.
Whether you’re looking to acquire, sell or restructure your business, there are tax implications to consider alongside your wider commercial objectives. We help you gain a clear understanding of the tax consequences of the transaction you’re about to embark on to help guide your decision-making process and provide important insights for your negotiations.